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New Nordic Food II programme
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The New Nordic Food II programme

With the help of the New Nordic Food II programme, the Nordic governments want to make people take notice of the Nordic countries on the gourmet world map.

New Nordic Food is for all Nordic food lovers. Consumers and gourmets, producers and nutritional experts can all look forward to local food and produce finding their way onto plates in Nordic kitchens.

The diverse Nordic food culture is making a comeback - in the cold counters and in the best restaurants. The project works with the art of Nordic food prepared with pure and healthy ingredients and food when it comes to both agricultural production and fisheries.

New Nordic Food cultivates common food culture

New Nordic Food cultivates the common Nordic food cultural identity and builds on the qualities found in our region: purity, simplicity, security and ethics. At the same time this ambitious food project will strengthen the Nordic competitive edge by the increasing international competition in the global food market.The New Nordic Food II programme will run from 2011 to 2014 and is led by a steering committee with representatives from business, the authorities, gastronomy, producers, consumers and the tourist industry. The programme builts on the Manifesto for the New Nordic Cuisine from 2004.

The steering committee has decided on the following campaigns for the New Nordic Food II programme:

 • New Nordic Food (branding)

 • Food Pleasure - Enjoyment and identity

 • Healthiness

 • Experience Economy/ Tourism and Creative Industries

 • Small Scale Food Production

Photo: Gunnar Magnusson